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Homo Gluttiens; the wraith anatomy

Posted by Alex CF on February 8th, 2013

Status: For sale
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Wraith children, often known as vagabonds, were a horrific development of the aftermath of Black friday, an event that saw the spread of one of the most virulent symbiotic viruses. Homo Gluttiens are the result of two specific pathogens, an immunodeficiency virus and the Vampyrus strain.

The wrath outbreak started in New York city harbor in September of 1869, believed to have arrived on ships carrying immigrants for manual labour. The virus was insipid, infection occurred almost instantaneously causing the infected to become feverish and eventually in a state of constant hunger. The virus augmentations were aggressive, drawing vital energy from elsewhere in the body to radically altar the bone structure of the upper and lower mandible. These result in bizarre disfigurements. What is more frightening is that the virus is not choosy about host – human or non human, the virus would infect. Cases of wild wraith dogs, looking more like shambolic zombified demons were rife in the slums of Brooklyn.

Once the virus was brought under control, and the piles of bodies burned, an unseen byproduct rose its head in the following months. children exposed to the virus appeared to develop mutations over much longer periods, and analysis of their blood was found to contain yet another strain of the virus. Their bodies formed perfect equilibrium with the strain, rather like that of Homo Vampyrus – but at great cost. Much like its cousin, the virus is dependent on iron as a catalyst for metabolism. Hordes of these street children were now attacking at night, bringing down individuals and preying upon their flesh. A special task force was set up to deal with the stragglers of the epidemic, but even years later, cases were still appearing. A terrifying aspect were the children themselves. They did not age. Unlike other variants of this pathogen, maturity was never reached. These hideous creatures were doomed to unnaturally long lives in a premature state, mouths of shard like teeth and a craving for flesh that could never be sated.

Contained in this case are the augmented skull of a child infected with the wraith strain. The skull has been cut in two, so that the brain can be exposed. The brain has been preserved, yet it is in a state of decay. Areas of mutations within the brain are highlighted. The front portion of the mandible is also shown, with the hinged parts marked in red. These are held by cartilaginous material, allowing the jaw to expand. It contains the trappings of a reluctant ghoul hunter, blood samples, tools and detailed illustrations of the subject. In the drawer are pieces of an adult jaw bone, showing the distended cuspids and the tooth sheath. The box is a beautiful size, much smaller than Abramo’s other research cases.

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  1. Alex Paillé says:

    How would one go about purchasing a box?


    February 12th, 2013 at 1:31 am

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