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The specimens of Alex CF » 19th century anatomical study cabinet No.1
the cryptozoological specimens of Alex CF

19th century anatomical study cabinet No.1

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Status: Sold

Measurements: 18 x 14 x 6 inches (cabinet)

1915: Bought in an estate clearance, with no apparent name attached, the esteemed Dr. Merrylin traced the small inscription at the base of one of the specimens to the royal college of surgeons, where one Thadeus Belacleese had once worked and taught. He was also the chief physician to the queen of england, until his private work was discovered and shunned.

Consumed with ideas cleaved from the pages of mary Shelleys work – Belacleese forged the infamous theories of bio aetheric re-animation (see the portable bio aetheric laboratory) The horrific murders of street dwellers and animals alike – regardless of research gathered from their re animated corpses – was seen as heretical and he was sentenced to death. Upon the day of his execution, he disappeared.

It is not known where he went, or if he indeed inflicted his theories upon his own flesh. Yet this tepid reminder of his roots in sound anatomical study could spur even the sanest mind on to many a dark deed..

The glass fronted cabinet contains the four preserved specimens – a dissected human male face – showing the levels of muscle and bone on one side, the eye and optic nerve on the other. There are two preserved fetuses – a stillborn with a partially dissected abdomen, and a second suffering from craniopagus parasiticus – a two headed conjoined twin in a rather poor state of preservation.
There is also a nine month gestated skeleton, perfectly preserved in the draw below. The cabinet is decorated with various anatomical drawings and notes, and there is a fine dissection kit on a velvet cushion which is removable.