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The specimens of Alex CF » At the Mountains of Madness
the cryptozoological specimens of Alex CF

At the Mountains of Madness

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Sold (Private Collection)

1930: An expedition heralded as a turning point for archaeological exploration, the mapping of areas of the earth unseen by human eyes. A chance to chart and understand the fossil life that once teemed in the temperate climate of ancient Antarctic.

The Miskatonic University sailed out, followed eagerly by the media of the time. Intrepid men who would shape our understanding.

With bountiful discoveries of ancient fossils, challenging our understanding of evolution, the mission was reevaluated and courses were changed to explore further into the palaeontologist’s dream come true.

Planes were erected and flown over landscapes sublime, mountain ranges taller than any witnessed on earth paved the way for the most terrifying discovery of all.

A 300 million year old cyclopean city, ancient structures spanning miles, sheltered by 34,000 ft mountains. The bodies of alien life forms, the men and women of this city, mummified in the snow, the last remnants of a long lost race. But within this city hung dark secrets, of slave creations who turned on their masters, of sunken cities in darkened caverns, of old ones and shoggoths…

This box was brought back, along with the tattered remains of the deceased, lost to unseen forces. Those who survived shunned any return journeys and the remains and artifacts collected by those now dead were shipped to the Miskatonic University for further analysis. The contents were soon lost and finally came to rest in my hands, amongst dozens of other specimens. This surely is a plethora of the unknown, a treasure trove of maddening manifestations and the trappings of an explorer with a need to understand…